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Days in SFP



7 weeks

Domestic Shorthair

556 Days

1st Dose Completed



Adoption Fees




领养者 必须完成剩下疫苗 健康检查 验血 验屎 跟绝育(在适当年龄)一次付完package 费用。猫咪本身无领养费
SFP 不收任何领养费 但领养者必须买兽医院提供的package 服务 并且配合医院时间 回Mavis road animal close (Mississauga)做一系列检查(其他城市的请先确认能不能完成至少三~四次的vet visit in Mississauga)
如有兴趣领养 请谘询Catherine

️kitten package 跟平時領養不同的地方在於,貓咪會在更適當的年齡做絕育,並且完成該有的疫苗體檢,並且多加了一項驗血,來更確保他們的健康狀況。
公猫package:$ 627 ➕ 税
母猫package:$ 747 ➕税

领养first come first serve

请谘询Catherine 看猫和领养细节
微信ID : v7749v

Super sticky and lively, purring when I see you!
Welcome to see him during hospital hours!

The adopter must complete the remaining vaccines, health check, blood test, feces test, and sterilization (at the appropriate age) and pay the package fee in one lump sum. No adoption fee for cats
SFP does not charge any adoption fee, but the adopter must buy the package service provided by the veterinary hospital and go back to Mavis road animal close (Mississauga) for a series of inspections (for other cities, please confirm whether you can complete at least three or four vets) visit in Mississauga)
If you are interested in adopting, please consult Catherine.

The difference between the ️kitten package and the usual adoption is that the cats will be neutered at a more appropriate age, complete the required vaccine physical examination, and add an additional blood test to ensure their health.
Male cat package: $ 627 ➕ tax
Female cat package: $ 747 ➕ tax

adoption first come first serve
Cats can be seen during hospital business hours, and they can be adopted on the spot and brought home

Please ask Catherine for cat and adoption details
WeChat ID : v7749v
Or scan the QR code


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